[My hope in writing this bio in the first place is to convey to you that, at best, all of us are a hot mess and just trying to work on our shi*t -- myself included].


And so the writing in this blog is kind of rambling and it’s left this way so you can wade through this reflective, archaeological and archetypal "process of finding" along with me. I can talk about and explain my process or I can just do it and put it on the page. This is how I talk and work with folx in person or virtually, 1:1 or in groups [save for the heavy use of hand gestures and workshop-style regulars like Sharpies and giant sticky notes]. So, it will either feel authentic and good to you or not -- vibe and synchronicity is something you should trust immediately when you encounter a potential new guide you’re at all interested in working with [bearing in mind often being repelled by a certain energy is stronger a truth than being "into it."] 


The writing of this bio should feel like balanced, strategically and intuitively facilitated chaos aka hot mess -- something you should just go ahead and know about now. This is pretty much how I approach shadow work with clients from the jump.

The writing of this bio is also left this unpolished way to stress the perspective that nothing is ever done. There is no bliss, no perfection, no final punctuation in the work. The sooner I let go in any presenting situation, and accept there is only [beautiful] hot mess, the lighter and more integrated I feel, and with that makes more space I have to let life in -- including the trickiness of [fully] adding others in. I imagine, if you’re still reading this, you are probably craving something similar. If so, reading below will give you some generic bio info you may be looking for, hitting up the blog would be a solid next step to understanding how I got and where I am in the process of working on my own sh*t -- or head straight to making contact to get to work on yours].

about me [Kim Flournoy DiJoseph]:



shadow work-drawn


Jungian + Yalom-influenced 





current + past life-ushered

child-centered play therapy-guided

clinically-educated + experienced

community-connected [for resources + referrals]