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about your guide...

"The transmission and the practice: the medicine is in the mess."

 In love, Kim

For 30+ years, Kim Flournoy DiJoseph, worked with folks impacted by trauma including developing and teaching graduate courses on trauma and grief/loss. As therapist and advocate, Kim’s focus was on the intergenerational transmission of trauma, traumatic grief and loss, dismantling victim/perpetrator dichotomies, and shining light on vicarious trauma and practitioner wellness. 

Catalyzed by the dharmic-jolting awakening of her mother’s murder in 2012, Kim’s personal healing, and subsequent work as a healer transformed into a calling to serve as a guide to others hungry for deep knowing and spiritual healing – this individual healing ultimately contributing to the shift in collective consciousness these times are calling for. She teaches locally with organizations like VSDVAA, VVAN, VSCSW, and the Innerwork Center and nationally with organizations like Everytown, NOVA, NCVLI, and the NCJFCJ from this dual perspective on traumatic grief, the criminal legal system, and the healing process.

After 7 years as an associate professor in teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Social Work, Kim very intentionally severed ties with conventional and institutionalized therapeutic practices and teachings of higher education in a consciously-abolitionist effort to no longer contribute to the systematic exploitation those spaces perpetuate. With the heart-space to explore and embrace her own shadow, light, and healing abilities, Kim’s intuitive shadow work integration practice officially emerged around 1998 and continues to evolve. 

Hot Mess Work is a fluid, yet integrated merging of intuitive, psychic-mediumship abilities, Jungian shadow work, ancestral eastern religions, dedicated meditation, practice, and the iChing. The emphasis of this work is accurately uncovering the root of folks' stuckness, and guiding the integration of all of our parts – shadow and light. She also facilitates intuitive-guided journeys, group meditations, serves as a conduit for grievers seeking healing-validation after particularly traumatic death via mediumship, and holds community space for rituals including high-profile public vigils.

Kim is a facilitator for the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance’s V.O.I.C.E.S. Project, a survivor-focused leadership council, the advocate wellness consultant for the Virginia Victim Assistance Network, and adjunct faculty at VCU. Related credentials include Advanced Practitioner Mind-Body Training from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. She is a 2020 recipient of an Unsung Hero Award from the Virginia Office of the Attorney General. 


Kim is a Chinese-American mother, healer, poet, partner, teacher, innerwork activist, and former personal chef who lives in Richmond, VA and loves with a Carolina sky-blue heart. She is especially grateful for time in the kitchen and the ocean.

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